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An elegant family photo shoot on the beach at 47th Ave N in Myrtle Beach, SC.


A beach family photo shoot in Myrtle Beach of an incredible family of five.


A favorite of Myrtle Beach family photographers and families alike, it presents an incredible location for timeless memories.


A classic family photo shoot located on the shores of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


A family photography session of beautiful larger family unit.


Famed for a scenic beach location with residential housing and without large hotels.

Why Choose Kristina Barron for Your Family Photography

“Selecting Kristina Barron for your family’s photography in Myrtle Beach offers a distinctive experience, marked by her unique approach:

  • Personalized Attention: Kristina limits session bookings, ensuring each family gets undivided attention and a tailor-made photography experience.

  • Deep Connection: This approach allows her to establish a deeper rapport with each family, understanding their story and capturing authentic moments.

  • Relaxed Environment: Kristina’s sessions are calm and unhurried, allowing families to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

  • Quality Focused: With a focus on quality over quantity, each photograph is a testament to her dedication to excellence.

  • Bespoke Memories: Her photography is not just about capturing images but about creating lasting memories that reflect the unique spirit of your family.

Kristina Barron’s commitment to providing a personalized and immersive photography experience sets her apart in Myrtle Beach, making her an ideal choice for families looking to capture their moments in a meaningful way.”

Kristina Barron- Your Myrtle Beach Family Photographer

Welcome to Kristina Barron Photography, where we bring the magic of Myrtle Beach to your family’s memories. As a renowned Myrtle Beach Family Photographer, Kristina’s approach blends artistry with authenticity, capturing the unspoken bonds and joyful moments that define your family.

Our photography is more than just images; it’s about telling your unique story against the backdrop of Myrtle Beach’s stunning landscapes. From the tranquil shores to the vibrant cityscapes, each session is thoughtfully tailored to reflect the essence of your family.”

  • Myrtle Beach Family Photographer: Capturing your family’s story in the picturesque settings of Myrtle Beach.

  • Celebrating Family Bonds: More than photos, we create lifetime memories with a focus on genuine emotions and natural interactions.

  • Diverse Services:
    • Maternity Sessions: Embracing the beauty of expecting mothers.
    • Newborn Photography: Capturing the newness and wonder of your littlest ones.
    • Annual Family Portraits: Documenting your family’s growth year after year.
    • Milestone Celebrations: Preserving your significant family events and achievements.

  • Memorable Experiences: Ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable photography experience for the whole family.

  • Unique Myrtle Beach Backdrops: Utilizing the natural beauty and urban charm of Myrtle Beach to enhance your family portraits.

Kristina Barron - Myrtle Beach Photographer Booking Process

“Embark on a delightful journey with Kristina Barron, your Myrtle Beach family photographer, to capture timeless memories. Our booking process for Myrtle Beach family photography sessions is straightforward and client-friendly. Here’s what to expect:

  • Contact Us: Reach out via our inquiry form to discuss your Myrtle Beach family photography session.

  • Scheduling: We work with you to find the perfect date and time for your session, aligning with the picturesque Myrtle Beach settings.

  • Session Day: Enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable photo session with Kristina, capturing your family’s natural moments.

  • Policies:
    • A deposit is required to secure your session, ensuring commitment to the scheduled date.
    • Cancellations will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.
    • Rescheduling due to weather or other factors is at the discretion of Kristina Barron, considering her availability and calendar. Clients may request a reschedule, but final decisions are made based on professional judgment and schedule feasibility.

Our goal is to make your family photography experience in Myrtle Beach as seamless and enjoyable as possible, with policies that respect both client needs and professional standards.”

Best Locations for Family Photography in Myrtle Beach

“Explore the beauty of Myrtle Beach with Kristina Barron Photography for unforgettable family portraits. Myrtle Beach’s diverse locations offer the perfect backdrop for every style. Here’s where you can capture those special moments:

  • Beach at 47th Ave N: A picturesque beach location that provides a classic Myrtle Beach setting with its serene ocean views and golden sands.

  • Myrtle Beach State Park: A blend of pristine beachfront and natural forest, ideal for capturing both dynamic and tranquil family moments.

  • Conway Riverwalk: Offering a rustic and charming backdrop with its scenic river views, perfect for a unique and memorable photoshoot.

  • Huntington Beach State Park: Renowned for its natural beauty and wildlife, creating a peaceful and intimate setting for family photos.

In addition to these locations, there are many other stunning spots in and around Myrtle Beach, potentially closer to where you are staying. We can help you find the perfect location that suits your family’s style and preferences.”

Why Family Photos Matter

“Family photographs are much more than simple images; they are treasures of heartwarming memories and irreplaceable moments. In this section, we delve into the significance of family photos:

  • Preserving Moments: Family photos capture fleeting moments and preserve them for generations, allowing you to revisit and relive cherished times.

  • Storytelling: They tell the unique story of your family, showcasing growth, love, and the bonds that deepen over time.

  • Emotional Value: Family photos hold emotional significance, evoking feelings of nostalgia and joy whenever you look at them.

  • Legacy and Heritage: They serve as a visual legacy, a tangible connection to your family’s past and a gift for future generations.

At Kristina Barron Photography, we understand the profound impact of these captured moments and strive to create images that not only depict your family but also echo the warmth and love that binds you together.”


Together, let’s craft a narrative that is timeless, impactful, and beautifully refined. Let’s create something truly special.


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